Week #3 24/02 - 28/02

Preliminary Report, ROS workshop, and some compiling

Posted by Rui Costa on February 28, 2020

In this week I mainly focused on finishing my preliminary report due on Thursday, for this purpose I continued my research on relevant matter for my Thesis on Velocity Obstacles.In this report I talked about current published work on Velocity Obstacles and explained some of its principles, I also revealed some of the work that has to be done in the course of my Thesis.

As a break from writting I started messing around again with lartkv5 to try to compile some packages I'll be using on my work, mainly the package MTT. When first trying to compile all of the packages in lartkv5 it produced a lot of erros, so i order to reduce the amount of information displayed i tried compiling just the MTT package. When doing this there were just some grammatical erros, and some warning related to the Boost library. After correcting this erros, and ignoring the warning it compiled with no further issues. The next step is to understand of MTT works.

On Thursday after submitting my preliminary report, i had my last session of the ROS workshop. In this session we did a final game with the lastest version of our code (we finally won 1 game!!), and then Professor Miguel showed us some of his work with ROS. It was really impressive.